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Singapore VS Australian PR: Here's The Breakdown.

Singapore, a City-State bustling with economic life and among the top places to be when you visit Asia. A popular choice for real-estate investors, Singapore has seen many ultra-high net worth individuals from around the world migrating into the tiny country just below Malaysia.

Australia, a country, and continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide – are coastal, but its capital, Canberra, is inland and nicknamed the "Bush Capital."Known for its Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, the vast Outback (interior desert wilderness) and unique animal species, it's a vastly different world from what you would expect in Singapore.

Here's the breakdown: We've listed 15 comparisons to help you with your choice.

1. Australia cost of living is very high. Daily products and houses are expensive – much more than Singapore.

2. China’s booming. Singapore’s economy is sky rocketing. Singapore is well placed to ride the China and India boom. Singapore’s GDP per capita (nominal) is expected to overtake Japan this year. Becoming the highest per capita GDP in Asia amongst all non oil countries! (Note UAE and Qatar will always have higher GDP than Singapore because they depend on their oil. They don’t have a free market system like Singapore)

3. Singapore has an exciting future. ASEAN might become another CARICOM or MERCUSR, your Singapore passport can allow you to work and live freely in other ASEAN countries. Growth in Singapore is so tremendous. Asia is booming. Singapore will ride China’s and India’s wave because Singaporeans speak their languages.

3. Singapore is much safer, less corrupted and has more convenient amentities (library, food court, everything just 15mins away) than Australia. You can walk down any streets in Singapore and feel safe anytime everytime. Can you do that in Australia?

4. Singapore offers a better place to bring up kids. Bilingual education. Chinese is the language of the future. In Singapore, your kids will learn Chinese. Jim Rogers once said: “If you were smart in 1800, you lived in London; if you were smart in 1900, you lived in New York.; Now if you are smart in 2010, you live in Asia”. The billionaire moved to Singapore. And he is not alone, Gong Li, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Co Co Lee etc all want to move to Singapore.

Singapore has no drug problem. Australia has a serious drug problem. 40% used drugs before.

5. Alot of people talk about the less stressful lifestyle in Australia. But in Singapore, if you just be a bit creative, you can easily get a nice house in JB, Malaysia or Indonesia and enjoy the less stressful lifestyle there as well every weekend or day. Plus the cost of things are so cheap.

6. In Australia, technology is so backward. In Singapore, you can get a 100mbps internet line for less than $50 a month. In Australia, it will only get you a CAPPED 120GB 5mbps internet line. And how much is the activation fee? 400 sgd!

Same goes for public transport, infrastructure, business etc. Singapore is much better.

7. Australia has water problems. South Australia is rationing water. Small towns only have rain water tanks. Yucks, do you dare to drink rainwater?

9. In Singapore, you can hire an expatriate maid to help you do your family chores. You can’t do that in Australia.

10. Running a business in Australia is exhorbitantly expensive. You pay 20AUD/hr just for a waiter. Plumbers cost hundreds of dollars.

In Singapore, unskilled labour is cheap. Very good place to run a business.

11. In Singapore, there are much much more jobs and career options than Australia. If you live in a small Australian town, there are no jobs for you. Even their biggest cities like Sydney etc cannot compare to 1/4 of Singapore’s career choices. Singapore has more than 100 banks! Lots of career choices from banking, healthcare, etc.

12. Food. Food is Singapore is much cheaper and better than Australia. 1.50 AUD for 12 eggs! 1.5AUD for big packet of soya bean milk! 2.50-3 AUD can get you a decent meal of Wantan noodles, Char Kway Teow, Mixed vege rice etc. In Australia, it cannot even get you a drink!

Chinese, British, American, Indian, Turkish, all kinds of cusine cuisine can be found in Singapore!! In Australia, it is 90% the usual Australian food.

13. Military defence. Australia has a very run down armed forces. only 50, 000 soldiers. Their strategy is basically to wait for America’s help in the event of a war. Indonesia has an army of 500, 000. Singapore has 400 ,000.

14. Singapore’s property prices will skyrocket in a few decades. For example, 20 years ago, 3 room HDB flats cost $20, 000k SGD. Now they cost $300,000 SGD. Ten years’ time? Maybe $500,000!

15. Singapore’s CPF! You will have money for old age, housing! The employer puts in 12% as well dont forget! Australia has the superannuation pension scheme but their taxes will frighten you off!

Contributed by senatorabudelai; 19-05-2010 at 06:46 PM – SG forums

Drafted editted by Gilbert on 21 May.

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