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About the Global Investor Programme (GIP)


GIP was first introduced in Singapore for high net worth individuals having a substantial business track record, an entrepreneurial background with a solid business or investment proposal as regards to their future plans in Singapore. The aim of the GIP was to attract these foreigners to invest and grow Singapore’s economy. In early April 2012, the government abolished the previous Financial Investor Scheme, making the GIP the only way forward for investment into Singapore.


Even though the criteria is quite straightforward, only 3 out of 10 applications submitted are successful.


Cayman has been working with Private Banks, Estate Agencies, Insurance Agencies and Fund Managers to provide immigration services for GIP high-net-worth clients internationally. Our experience and knowledge in this field, combined with excellent client relationship service makes us the number one choice to ensure a successful GIP application.

More information can be found in the table below. Or skip to a summarised version here.

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Source: EDB Singapore


Government Assessment Criteria


Minimum 3 years entrepreneurial experience with annual turnover of company to be at least SGD$200 million in the average of 3 years and in the most recent year based on audited accounts. For privately owned companies, an applicant must own 30% shareholding and your company must be engaged in one or more of the approved industries. Approach our consultants to to find out the full list of industries available.


Investment Options


Option A
Invest at least SGD$2.5 million in a new business entity or expansion of an existing business operation.


Option B
Invest at least SGD$2.5 million in any GIP-approved fund

Option C

Invest at least SGD$2.5 million in a new or existing Singapore-based single family office having Assets-Under-Management (AUM) of at least SGD$200 million.


Also, for Investors applicants who do not meet the GIP criteria or have applied and got rejected, we have the alternative solution for you.


To find out how to be an affiliate partner, or if you have any further questions on the Global Investor Programme (GIP), please kindly call +6338 8600 or email

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