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Work Pass Application For Dependent Pass Holders

Formal Work Passes Now Necessary For DP Holders To Work In Singapore

Starting 1st of May 2021, Dependant Pass (DP) Holders living in Singapore must have a work pass (i.e Employment Pass (EP), S Pass or Work Permit) in order to work in Singapore. The relevant eligibility requirements of qualifying salary, dependency ratio ceiling and levy will apply.

This new scheme replaces the Letter of Consent (LOC) that DP holders needed to attain, in order to work in Singapore.

What if I'm already working under the LOC?

If you are currently working with a Letter of Consent, the application for the work pass must be done once the current LOC expires. 

Dependant Pass Applicant receives approval for DP

DP Holder seeks wants to work in Singapore while living here and finds a suitable employer

Employer applies the relevant work visa/pass according to the eligibility requirements of the selected pass

DP Holder's work pass application is approved

DP holder can begin working

How can Cayman Management Consultants help in the process?

With more than 15 years of expertise in immigration and work visa applications, Cayman have aided thousands of clients with smooth and successful applications for themselves and their families. We have partnered with countless of local companies in their immigration and work pass related matters for their employees - reducing the risk of any disruption of manpower and improving HR processes.

Apply for work passes with ease and confidence. Leave your contact in the Enquiry form below and our certified consultants will be in touch with you shortly!

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