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Looking to Expand Your Business into the Philippines?

With our extensive network of trusted business connections and close links with authorities, have a peace of mind when expanding to the Philippines with Cayman today!

Receive up to 70% subsidy for overseas expansion services with the MRA Grant!

Our Philippines Incorporation Package Includes:


Pre-incorporation process for Philippines Company

√ Reservation of company name with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

√ Appointment of local Company Secretary and Treasurer as required by Philippines Law.

√ Drafting and Notarisation of Articles of Incorporation (AOI) and By-laws.

√ Registration for Treasurer-In-Trust For (TITF) account with preferred bank.


Submissions for Incorporation

√ Submission of necessary documents to the SEC.

√ Registration for books of accounts.

√ Submission of documents to the Social Security System (SSS) to obtain Employer Number.

√ Application for business permits or any other licenses.


Business Essentials

√ Virtual office/office space sourcing.

√ Bank account opening assistance.

√ Local staff sourcing.

√ Application of the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant provided by Enterprise Singapore.

√ Application of Trademarks and other IP needs.


Business Link-Ups

√ Return flight tickets and accommodation in Philippines.

√ Meeting set-up with potential partners, investors, contractors and/or officials.

√ Local market survey and analysis.

Why expand/start a company in the Philippines?

The Philippines has been experiencing a relatively high economic growth in recent years, with GDP growth recorded at 5.5% in Q2 of 2019. The Government has also been committed to spending on improving the country's infrastructure and have had major crackdowns on corruption. The Philippines' economy is projected to hit the 5th largest in Asia and the 16th biggest by 2050 and is considered one of the rising Tigers of Southeast Asia. 

The country is a hotbed for start-ups and new businesses due to its dynamic labour force that is both skilled and relatively cheap as compared to its neighbouring countries. The Philippines also has strong trade ties with economic powerhouses like the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

Make your expansion dreams a reality now!

What Our Clients Say

"Unlike some other neighbouring countries around Singapore, the Philippines has one of the more complex company registration processes. I'd really like to thank Cayman Management Consultants for making the process much more approachable and seamless."

Josh Talbot

"Cayman has been helping with my visa applications since my first arrival in Singapore. They have been truly helpful and remained entirely professional - leading to the strong relationship I have with the firm today. I can certainly trust any solutions they may suggest because of their experience and strong track record."

Olivia Zhao

"I would have never met the excellent business partners in the Philippines if not for the extensive connections that Cayman Management Consultants and their partners have in the country. Would recommend any business expanding into the country to explore what Cayman has to offer especially in their Business Link-Ups service."

Alain Deniau

"It was a clean and simple process from the very first meeting with Cayman, right up to the day we received the confirmation of our company's incorporation in the Philippines. Their experience with foreign landscapes was a great asset to have when expanding overseas."

Saahil Sethi

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Incorporate in the Philippines today!

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