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Looking to Expand Your Business in Indonesia?

With our extensive network of trusted business connections and close links with authorities, have a peace of mind when expanding to Indonesia with Cayman today!

Receive up to 70% subsidy for overseas expansion services with the MRA Grant!

Our Indonesian Incorporation Package Includes:


Incorporation of PT PMA (Foreign-Owned Company)

√ Preparation and Submission of Deed Establishment for a legal entity incorporation.

√ Preparation and Application of Domicile Letter from Office Space/Building Management.

√ Application for Tax and Business Operation Permits.

√ Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements.


Business Essentials

√ Application of the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant provided by Enterprise Singapore.

√ Application of Trademarks and other IP needs.

√ Virtual office/office space sourcing.

√ Bank account opening assistance.

√ Local staff sourcing.


Business Link-Ups

√ Meeting set-up with potential partners, investors, contractors and/or officials.

√ Network with Indonesian relevant Indonesian authorities.

√ Local market survey and analysis.

√  Booking of return flight tickets and accommodation in Jakarta.

Why expand/start a company in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of South East Asia's fastest growing economies and there can be no better time to expand into the country than now. Being the 10th biggest economy in the world and the largest in South East Asia, it is no longer a secret that Indonesia is regarded as one of the the most emerging markets throughout the world.

Coupled with the fact that Indonesia has since had major improvements in acquiring finance, international trade participation, and tax payments, there is little doubt that the business landscape has never been more prime for budding investors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Make your expansion dreams a reality now!

What Our Clients Say

"My small business has been fortunate to have been performing well locally, but despite so, the thought of expanding overseas in itself has been a daunting one as we were not entirely confident of the expansion process. Thankfully, because of the representatives at Cayman and their familiarity with incorporating a business in Indonesia, our expansion efforts couldn't be more smoother."

Wing Or

"Cayman's Indonesian incorporation package is the only one of its kind out there and coupled with the ability for my company to apply for the MRA grant, it was entirely worth it to see that the business is now operating in two territories."

Peter Finn

"There is really no other market like Indonesia. It is dynamic, vibrant and much more receptive to our products than the local market we started with. Thanks to Cayman for the tie-up with our current business partners and contractors in Indonesia."

Eddie Cheng

"Smooth, unhindered and just a simple process to undertake. An opportunity not to be missed"

Dushyant Rana

Incorporate in Indonesia Today!

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