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Looking To Migrate to Singapore From Hong Kong? 

Let Cayman Management Consultant expedite your move with our unique Special Investment Programme (SIP) - the complete solution to help you & your family to begin living in Singapore.

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What is the special investor programme?

The Special Investor Programme (SIP) is an initiative curated by Cayman based on existing Government programmes. Clients of the SIP will be given an option to either invest a set amount of capital in either a company or approved fund. This provides an alternative solution for Foreign Investors who are interested in applying for Permanent Residency (PR) but are unable to meet the requirements of Global Investor Programme (GIP) and similar other schemes.

Why can't I find the SIP on other sites?

With more than a decade of experience assisting clients of all profiles gain Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications, the SIP is a programme is exclusively formulated and offered by Cayman's top consultants. It has been proven to significantly increase the success rate of obtaining PR in a lesser time period.

What are the requirements for SIP?

Requirements to be eligible for the SIP varies on a case by case basis. As a benchmark, Cayman recommends that applicants should be able to invest between SGD$300,000 and SGD$500,000 (HKD $1.7 - $2.8 Million) or higher. This investment could be used to start a business or invested in a current one in Singapore. Our consultants will be pleased to provide a more precise eligibility assessment upon the first complimentary consultation.

Need a better picture? Watch our video to find out more!

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GUARAnteed returns on investment

As Cayman will be able to assist in finding ideal investment opportunities for prospective SIP clients, clients can be assured that they will receive a GUARANTEED return on their investment after 3 years.

the most complete migration solution in singapore

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We understand that moving to Singapore may involve many major decisions and processes along the way. At Cayman Management Consultants our SIP includes a complete migration assistance package to help clients make their transition as smooth as possible.

All living essentials included.

As we are Singapore's pioneer immigration firm, rest assured that applications of all relevant visas and passes for all members of your direct family will be coordinated by our consultants.


From opening a bank account, sourcing an ideal home to looking for the best internationally-recognised schools/colleges for your children, our consultants will be able to help you make that move to Singapore as confidently as possible.

About Cayman Management Consultants

Cayman Management Consultants is one of Singapore's leading and pioneer immigration firms. Since 2005, we have had the pleasure to assists thousands of clients attain their immigration needs in Singapore, despite increasingly stringent processing requirements by the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore.

Our experienced consultants will be with clients every step of the way, from the very first meeting right till they attain their PR or citizenship status. We capitalise on our clients strengths - ensure they have the best possible chance to show how they are able contribute to Singapore.

Get in touch with a Special Investor Programme (SIP) specialist today!

Our Clientele


Of our clients are approved for Permanent Residency in Singapore


Clients processed and living in Singapore since 2005

What Our Clients Say

"Although waiting 3 years to get my Singapore PR status was a substantial amount of time, the results were assured. In fact, if not for the SIP programme, i would not have gained my PR in such a reduced amount of time as what it would usually take. Thank you Cayman for making this possible!"

Xiao Dan

"The SIP is really a one-stop dedicated service and a viable solution to any budding expatriate looking to move to Singapore in the faster way possible. Cayman's consultants were there to monitor and take action each step of the way. It took away the concerns and stress of having to apply for PR status independently."

David Wu

"Singapore is truly an exceptional place to live in. Becoming a Permanent Resident adds even more convenience and benefits to living and working in the island-city. I highly recommend Cayman and their consultants to anyone who needs an alternative solution to getting their Permanent Residency status.

Sherry Chan

"Since I could not qualify for the Global Investor Programme (GIP), I was struggling to find an alternative for my immigration needs coming into Singapore. That is until I came across Cayman's unique Special Investment Programme (SIP) about 3 years ago. Since then, the progress was smooth - giving me the confidence right up till I received my PR."

Daisy Yuan

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Cayman Group Holdings is the main holding company of Singapore Corporate Advisory Pte. Ltd. and Raffles Immigration Pte. Ltd.


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