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U.H.N.W. Pte. Ltd.

Cayman Group Holdings is proud to present U.H.N.W Pte. Ltd., a company in Singapore that is headed by Mr. Dainial Lim, Group Director of Cayman Group and the Director of Raffles Immigration, Singapore Corporate Advisory and U.H.N.W.


U.H.N.W helps importers (through crowdfunding) to bring franchises both in and out of Singapore, and is constantly on the lookout for product sellers, distributors, and franchise owners for F&B, manufacturing and retail from the following countries:


  1. Vietnam

  2. Korea

  3. Thailand

  4. China


U.H.N.W will soon be shifting their focus to: 

Dinner in the Sky

U.H.N.W. is the proud parent of Dinner in the Sky Singapore, an initiative whereby people from all walks of life can enjoy a delightful and exquisite dinner whilst suspended more than a 150 feet in the air. Dinner in the Sky Singapore is expected to launch in Quarter 4 of 2018. 


For more information on U.H.N.W. Pte. Ltd., partnership, request for our services and enquiries, please do use the contact form below. Our staff will then get back to you as soon as possible. 

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